Thursday, October 21, 2010

More Goodies :D

I made a Halloween Clown for fair. This item, like most of my other exclusive items, is transferable and only avalible for a limited time. You can pick this up for only $100L at my shop...until end of fair :D. Set includes: Outfit, shoes, socks, skin, eyes and a machete :P. The ball rezzers are feww right now...just touch and it rezzes multiple balls. Amuses the shit out of me really....but Im easily amused. Don't worry balls disapear on there clean up needed. Also...Blood spattered geek glasses. People will wonder what it is you just did when they see you wearing these. Copy and past this surl into SL to get to shop And thank you for looking....really <3

Monday, October 18, 2010

Halloween Freebie Fair is underway!

I'm super excited about this little event Im having at my shop! If you havent looked...come take a peek:D

.::ODB::. Halloween Freebie Fair :D Running from 10/17- 10/31 Tons of free items and unique halloween items for sale. Also each creators logo is a direct teleporter to there shop :D A mix of items avalible: skins , textures, Clothing , scupties, Shoes, Nails, accessories, weapons, poses and more!
(Second Floor Of shop)

D.H. Customs
Razorblade Jacket
#Before Sleep#
Hot Dolphin Love
*Kabuki Creations ~
Kingdom of Sound
The Perfect Gift
Couture Chapeau
BigD Brand
PK Private Collection
Sexy Swagger
.:PdC:. PdCreations
DragonLady Designs
Ear Candy
[ E l l i e ' s A t t i c ]
CMORE Designs
Rusty Nail
A&k Designs
Heaven's Halloween
Fire GOOD!!!
Shelly's Bootylicious Gear
hooligan streetwear
Fuzion Fashion
Studio Nails
Sick Bubblegum Textures
FD Decor
!Holiday Bliss!
Fabulous Finds
Lillou's Designs
Lok's Low Prim Furniture
Delights by Talena
Timeless Textures
Soulless Productions
LoveBird's Paradise
Tinny's Eternal Designs
Devil's Trade
Embody Shapes & Poses
* Zari *
Forged with Stars
Sour Pickles
Illicit Designs
aMuse Fashion
Miss Murder (or ::MM::)
Off the Wall
*RoTtEn DeFiAnCe*
Made in Mulberry Textures
Aster's Builts, Wedding Accessories
~~<3 Dahllywood <3~~
aunty prim's sculpts and textures
GG's Boutique
The ^v^ Woeful Wednesday ^v^ Collective
Kittycat's Creations
= [ PiXeL::PooKZ ] =
:::PoP::: Paper or Plastic
.:GC:. Girlfriends Closet
** In A Nutshell **

Upcoming/ current events and hunts

Current Hunts:
~SLD Witches Brew 2 9/21-10/31
~Icon Hunt 9/10 -10/1 Gift Pictured in Blog
~Sinners' Playground Hunt 10/1-10/31*
~Boo 9/25 - 10/31
~+The Macabre Hunt+ 10/6-11/1
~Voodoo Doll 9/30 - 10/31*
~Grimms Halloween 10/1 -10/31*
~We Are Connected Hunt 10/1 -10/31*
~I love Tim Burton 10/4-11/4
~ Hallows Eve Hunt 10/1- 11/1 *
~Pumpkin Print 10/1-10/31
~Fall Into Madness Hunt 10/1-10/31*
~Addicted to Halloween Hunt 10/15 - 11/15

~The Dirty Turkey Hunt 11/1 - 11/30
~Depraved Hunts - A Very Depraved Christmas Hunt 12/1- 12/31
~Lets Go Nuts ~ The Autumn Hunt 11/1 - 11/30
~Find santas sock 12/1- 12/31
~pilgrim hunt 11/1-11/30
~simply mad hunt 11/1-11/30
~ooh, Poop! 12/1 12/20
~ Dirty Little Secret 10/25- 11/25
~Naughty List Hunt 12/1-12/31

About Dive in Snatch: This Halloween...we invite you to DIVE. Enter the Hyperion Hotel. Since 1925 it has entertained guests from Dignitaries and Senators to Movie Stars and Authors. A formidable structure with a dark and deadly history and some who check in, check out in a body bag and some never check out at all! Over the past 85 years there have been at least 20 murders, suicides and even more disappearances. You have been hired by an unnamed third party as a paranormal investigator to go in and decide once and for all if the rumors are true. Is the Hyperion haunted? It is your job to investigate inside the walls of the once magnificent hotel. You will be the only guest and with your DIVE Unit which can read the spiritual energies of the past, you will discover the secrets of the old building. Be careful though, one misstep could be your last!

The fourth annual Halloween Event will be held on the Pulse, Nomine, Snatch City and New Kaddath Sims from October 17th-November 14th. Designed with a love of horror films and games, DIVE includes multiple levels of scary fun for you and your friends. With hidden gifts from !Retox!, Sn@tch, [Gauze], Forsaken, Nomine, A-Bomb, Dreams, IrEn, Fierce and many more of the stores on our sims, navigate the game and discover clues and solve puzzles that will tell the horrible hotel's story and advance you to the frightening conclusion!

FTLO Halloween :D

Gacha Machine Fest going on now....If you havent checked out this sim yet go take a peek 0-0 really neat how it was done.

HorrorFest :D

Horrorfest has an amazing mix of designers and you can buy items from each for charity :D Each booth has one item that can be purchased t donate money to The Sophie Lancaster Foundation. For more info. on this check out these sites: Blogspot -
Tumblr -
Plurk -
Twitter -
And this Wicked blog that reveiwe some of the avalible items there:

Halloween Tree :D

You can add all your halloween Goodies under it :D

Halloween Goodies :D

Halloween Goodies! I really had fun with the Halloween Tricks Pumpkin :D Contines deformers and other tricks :D

I forgot these in earlier post....more Glasses

Omg....I need to catch up on My blog :D Glasses :D

I love glasses....I Know Duh you can see that..but I'm really digging my geek glasses lately. I even made myself a clown set (which atm is only avalible in the Gacha Machine). FTLO halloween is having a Gacha Machine event and the geek glasses are in it...I loved the idea so much I added it into my shop :D...The cool thing about the Gacha Machine versions of my glasses is they are transferable so if you get doubles you can give them away or trade them.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Cute little Shroom :D

Cute little Shroom Av....Oh! and find this one as a gift in the FLOH sim :D

New Stuff :D

I have been super blogin time :p
Heres a few new sets I made recently.