Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Wear grey for a day Male outfit

Wear Grey For A Day!

We are gearing up for 2010's Wear Gray this year better than before so join us for the big event. This years donations will be going to the American Brain Tumor Association for more information about them you can visit http://www.ABTA.org

Dontaions can also be sent directly to WearGray Button.

My RL cousin had brain cancer and had been fighting it for nearly 10 years he lost his battle in 2009, but many others are still out there fighting. This is something very near and dear to my heart.

In 2009's Wear Gray campain in SL we raised a total of L$212,524 which is equal to appx. $820 USD.

Any other questions please contact Sanura Snowpaw or Arora Zanzibar

Thank you for your help and please feel free to pass this info on to others also.


Thank you from the bottom of my heart
Sanura Snowpaw of *Dreams*

Wear Gray logo by Amisha March & Sanura Snowpaw

I have been lucky enough to be invited to Wear grey For a Day event. This is one of the exlusive items that will be avalible there. All procedes go to Brain cancer research.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Finally finished updating xstreet!

I finally Finished updating my xstreet box...What a chore! Take a peek at my hard work : https://uncensored.xstreetsl.com/modules.php?name=Marketplace&MerchantID=334485&page=1 I hope you enjoy these items as much as I enjoyed making them. If link isn't fuctioning just search Maezy Magic to bring up my items. Please excuse the spelling in last posts title. Sometimes my mind works quicker than my fingers and I post prior to proof reading.

Appliaction For Hallowee Fair @ .::ODB::.

It's that time again!! .::ODB::. will be hosting another freebie fair/ teleport location! This time however I would like it to be halloween themed.
Requiements are:
~Original Items
~One free item and One Item for sale.
~Halloween themed
~NO RESALE (as started above original only)

I'm offering a free spot to fellow merchants. I wanted a space to help promote fellow creators and offer people some neat and unique freebies.
Why freebies? Well they are a nice way to show an example of your work and everyone enjoys them <3
How does this work? I set up three board for you. Largest board is a teleporter This teleports person directly from my shop to yours. Bottum two boards are for you to place your freebie, gift and full priced Item.
What is the cost? No cost at all. Only requirments are for you to place one original freebies representing your work in the area and one regular cost item.
Space is limited, only room for 50 venders. Applications being accepted now. If interested please fill out NC and return to Maezy Magic by October 1st. Fair Will run for two weeks only October 17 to October 31.

Copy and Paste this Application onto Note card and Rename it
.::ODB::. Halloween Fair ~Your Name~Your Shop


Your Name:

Your Shop:

Land Mark:

Full Perm Shop Logo:


Invites will first go to *Creators Connection* Members and Past Fair Participants. Last Fair was an over all sucess and I beleive this one will be also. I will not hunt you down to make sure your booth is filled. If you chose not to set up I will remove your logo and spot to make space for another merchant.
*With acceptance to Fair you will need to join .::ODB::. group for rezz rights.
Set up will be completed by october 15th.
Please Pass on this NoteCard to others that may want to join.

Thank You and Have Fun <3 Maezy Magic

Up coming And current Hunts at .::ODB::.

Current Hunts:
~Addiction Hunt
~No Strings Attached
~Sleepless in SL
~The Gypsy Spirt Hunt
~Strut You Stuff

Upcoming Hunts
~The Dirty Turky Hunt
~Fr3ak You Hunt
~Grimms Halloween
~Icon Hunt
~Falling in Love
~Voodoo Doll
~Whats your Sign
~Mornin' Sunshine
~Stalker Hunt

Dirty Turkey Hunt is taking Applications ^^

I like to try everything at least once. So First hunt I am co-organizing with Heather Smithson and RazorBlade Jacket, should be fun ! Here's the application:
Please fill out this application completely and return it to Heather Smithson or Maezy Magic by Sept. 30 2010 for The Dirty Turkey Hunt. The hunt is limited to mature/adult rated stores & the application needs to be filled out completely.

**Store Name:

**Type of Store (what do you make/sell):

**Store Owner:

**Store Manager/Other Contact:

**Name(s) for group invite:



**Maturity Rating:

**Gift Idea:

**Any other info you feel necessary to reveal:

Please rename the application TDTH - [Your Name][Store Name] and return to Heather Smithson or Maezy Magic by Sept. 30 2010. If you know other designers that may be interested feel free to pass on the information to those people.

Thank you for your interest in our hunt! Hopefully it will be an awesome experience for everyone, or at least a few laughs at our expense :)

Monday, August 9, 2010

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Club test (like an acid test without acid)

We did a test run of the club last night. It was so fun . YaY!!! I was a little nervous about having a club at ol'Dirty's but with Kaori's and Drifts awesome work, Carnell's Shoutcast and all you lovlie fuckerbithches that showed up I think it went quite nicely. We actually have people working here too now Bawnie , Fafnir and Neo first folks ever to work here...congrats...I think :p. I won't be managing the club though thankfully, Kaori Fang will be doing the honers. Theme of the club is kinda a fly by night run down carnival inside. Well I babbled enough. Back to building!! And as always, thank you to my Groups. I think were gonna have some fun in this place, Yus Yus I do. I havent figured out how to add maps to here yet but to get to club go to main shop (located in my picks) and club is above friends shops. Have fun and take care ^^

.::ODB::. Has a club now YaY!!!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Breif History of .::ODB::.

Decided to include a brief explanation of shop name and how it came to be <3. First thing I ever built in SL was a stage to display people on (don't ask :P) Second thing I ever made was a green exploding teddy bear (that I still sell in my attic lols). I had an in world group (a bunch of crazy fuckers, love you guys you were fun) that I'd spam with all the new things that I made....anyone that knew me would ask prior to trying it ...if it exploded excessive particles....which there was a 99 percent chance that it did. Someone said I should open a shop...so I thought what the fuck...what can I lose and opened a shop in a concrete box on my 512 lot. I was standing with one of my favoritist people on SL trying to think of a shop name and Ol'dirty bastards Pawn Shop popped into my mind. So named shop that ....and shortened it to .::ODB::. I still try to include a silly weapon of sorts in most of the sets I sell. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mHkRHiEjt8I Ya Baby I like it raw. Ha!

Figuring Out how To Upload an Image......