Monday, June 18, 2012

Return of te Side Show Freaks! Hunt Update

Due to a crazy schedule ....I did not post hunt hints here. An updated hunt list will be available in hunt sigh at hunt start location .::ODB::. in spini :D Thank you and happy hunting

Monday, April 9, 2012

Freaks! Return of the Side Show Freaks Application :D

Return of The Side Show Freaks Hunt!

HiYas I decide to do another small Hunt!
About 40 shops or so....
Here is who is in as of 5/9/12....subject to change of course..and in no particular order:
Razorblade Jacket
*~by Nacht
Wildz Creation & Pimp Daddy Trivia
Del's Odd Shop
Hard Alley
Venomous Rage Designs
The Happy Hat

Return Of The Side Show Freaks Hunt!
June 2- June 30 2012

This will be a small themed hunt. Theme is Dark carnival, side show, circus. Stores will be chosen by participation of last hunt, interest in theme, referrals or order of application. Only 40 applicants will be accepted.
*A unique and original gift that fits themes
*A Shop :D, established (Not moving frequently)
(I would be willing to try to incorporate a market place only shop)
*Willingness to participate in a fun hunt
*Placing hunt sign out.

Please sign up only is you are interested in participating. This is a hunt just for fun :D....I will not chase folks down to make sure they have there gifts completed. So please only apply if you are willing and able to create a free gift, box it, and place it out on correct date.

Copy and Past this Application onto new Note Card!
Label Note Card : SSFH2 {Your Name} {Your shop}


Shop Name:



Market place SURl:

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Ok...information will be posted here and available in sign in main shop.
Hunt will be about 40 shops. Market Place will be incorporated into hunt also :P
Picture of hunt item shown above :D Thank you and have a nice day!