Friday, October 14, 2011

Pictures Of new little shop :D

New shop started as a little home next to a rail road track and ended up being a shop!Everything in the shop is transferable, except the cottage buildings. Everything is under 150 L. I set out 4 5 L gachas in the center of the shop so people could by a drink or a treat and enjoy it there. Most items are made to share with your friends here. Anyhow, come stop by new shop sometime when your bored :D Items are on market place.

Made the shop a little bigger :D

I expanded the shop a little. It still won't be a big huge over sized shop like last time, just a little bigger :D Still at spini in the blocked view section of the road. I have been asked a lot lately about my old old items. I took them off market place and don,t have them displayed in world because I was tried of looking at them. (I guess that happens when you have been making things for three years :D). They are in the gacha boxes pictured here for 1 L a try. Or just ask me and I can send you a specific one. I haven,t been doing as many events as before but this month I am :D. Depraved Nation is having a Gacha Event and SKH and Zombie popcorn hunts will be making a stop in the shop :D I made a new shop! Called The Muffin Shack very cute items. Cupcakes pies..that sort of thing, Not as an ODB replacement...more of a side project. Actually it started as a house on the railroad tracks and ended up being a cute store lol. Blog is linked to this one so visit that blog and take a peek at the content. Come visit it in world too! Ok I babbled enough.Take Care!