Sunday, January 23, 2011

Working on the grounds :D

I have been busy working on the shop grounds. I do like suprises of course so I like to add litte suprses here and there arond the yard :D I added a snack cart that gives out snacks....kinda...or deformers. Balloon Cart gives out tainted balloons. And I've started a game area, currently theres a balloon popping one. Click on certain ones and pay one L for a prixe...other balloons throw crap at you. All these new things are $ 1 L a try. Also in court yard...a mini maze...look for the enter sign.....working on a fortune telling area theres already a table set up (And a box for $ 10 L with fortune telling balls and jewelery)... Look for the caged freak area...there's a collar set here and you can ancor yourself to the ball and be a chained freak :D..... And a Sword swallowing area...Oh! Almost forgot Set up a Dancing area....I love burlesque and the burlesque animations found on SL... I will be adding new things as the ideas pop into my come and explore <3

Valentines Day ...It's coming Ohh Heck Yes

Starting to get prepared for one of my least favorite holidays ever. But I made some cute glasses for those of you less jaded than I am....and a few shirts for those of you that love valentines day as much as I do :D The Shirts are male and female versions. All avalible on market place (Copy and paste this link) or in world (Copy and Paste this Surl into local chat)
Hugs All :D
Also a new Freaks Baseball T is avalible for only $ 10 L

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

.::ODB::. Presents Side Show Freaks Hunt :D

Welcome To the Side Show Freaks Hunt!
Group for Hunt : .::ODB::. Shop Group
Copy and Paste this in chat:

Blog for hunt:

Updates for Hunt will be posted on blog and in a notecard giver in .::ODB::. Shop.
I Hope you have as much fun on this hunt as We did making it :D
Enjoy all your gifts....Alot of amazing ones in here.
Thanks <3 Maezy Magic

1) .::ODB::.
Hint: Come Down Here.... We all Float here...
Extra Hint: There is more than one Lolli pop to find at this location 3 as of 1/12/11
2) RazorBlade
Hint: There's a killer clown around here somewhere
3) Jabberwockey
Hint: Shake the Hatter's hand and you might find your prize!
4) Souless Productions
5) Pie Hole
HInt: Hungry?
6) Grim Bros
Hint: A-well-a bird, bird, b-bird's the word! <----(lolololols :D)
7) Kuroi ::KK:: Koneko
Hint: Where angels and devils meet.
8 Hot Dolphin Love Animations
Hint: Go sit in the corner!
9) #Before Sleep#
Hint: Pull up a chair and have a seat
10) aMuse
11) HeadCase
Hint: I'd rather eat your brains.
12) *Bad Juju*
Hint: Hint giver on the hunt sign!
13) Fire GOOD!!!
Hint: look for pink fire
14) Michagin Shack
Hint: Please use the in-store hint giver for the most up to date hint, (it is big and red and in the middle of all the hint boards)
15) Yellow Jester
Hint: "Even side show freaks deserve lolipops"
16) Facts
Hint: love the sunlight in these cold days
17) Weather! or not?
18) Dels Odd Shop
Hint: Strange girls outside like candy
19) Sonic Death Monkey
Hint: Upward you shall rise as what you seek appears
20) Embody Shapes & Poses
Hint: Please click the big purple star near the entrance for a current hint notecard!
21){White Widow}
Hint: what about reading a little?
22) GUHL
Hint : Have a look at the floor ... its inside the store area
Hint: u look out & see the crack den
24) *::[NV]
Hint: Look Up
Hint: Look at the Ball Gowns
26) ::Gehenna::
HInt: If that thing stays there, its deffinetly going to mess with the strings.
27) ***Kabuki Creations
Hint: Look for it in the freebie area (2nd floor)
Hint : 1. entrance left - snowmaker
2. fireplace right - bright vampire house
3. behind torture equipment package - iron cage / part 1
4. roof - bembel, german cider jar
5. round window first floor - knit hat pentagram

30) Wildz Creations
Hint : hen your done eating me you will want to lick your fingers after a night at the movies.
31) [BAIT]
Hint: This has nothing to do with nature
32) *diavolicious*
Hint: "There was a revolution and one of thrones fell"
33) :::PoP::: Paper or Plastic
Hint: We know he isnt the Doughboy, but he does like this tummy poked.
34) ## CI ##
Hint: Mimes can't talk.
35) October Alchemy
Hunt: I think I hear running water..
36) !WhAtEvR! Mainstore
Hunt Gift 1- You might not think you are so lucky after finding this gift.....

Hunt Gift 2- Pleasure or Pain?
37) !] Virtual Riot [!
Hint: Upside down and you shall be walking on me
!38) [BedlaM]
Hint: "A diamond is not just a girl's best friend"
39) P.pop
Hint: i'm afraid of the dark
40) Noctis

41) Ello Poppet
Hint: Nothing like packing a little snack for long trips.

42) !! BrickWerkz !!
Hint: "In TriBeCa Deopt at the end of the yard,
Kilroy Dunsmore is working hard! "

43) The Happy Hat
Hint: The Hint Giver will tell you where I am at. I'll never venture far from the big hat.

44) POST
Hint: "Come Look At The Freaks"
45) ::DaRk DoLls::

Hint: that's a luck hits!

47) Janzoe Designs
Hint: Made it, Ma! Top of the world! ...

48) *RoTtEn DeFiAnCe*
Hint: 'I seem to have lost my treat while I was napping -.-'

49) Coca & Wolf
Hint : Look for the Post

HInt: Where the river of blood flows...

51) [[A.R.C. + F.N.]]
HInt : What do you click to safe a groupslot but still be informed well?

52) ~*~Souzou Eien~*~
Item One: Most never notice us, unless you peek downstairs. If you've been through before you'll know that we enjoy hoarding hunt items. In fact one of us has recently developed quite the taste for candy.

Item Two: Watch your step!

Item Three: Don't mind me, just gathering dust in the corner :(

53) FlufferNutterz

54) Over The Top
Hint: Take a soda...but make sure the fridge is plugged in:)

55) []pole[]

56) Sugabeans

57) One Last Gift.... Made by a super cool guy :D Headcase @ .::ODB::. ...In the courtyard...Look For HeadCase...Look In around and behind things in here :D