Sunday, January 23, 2011

Working on the grounds :D

I have been busy working on the shop grounds. I do like suprises of course so I like to add litte suprses here and there arond the yard :D I added a snack cart that gives out snacks....kinda...or deformers. Balloon Cart gives out tainted balloons. And I've started a game area, currently theres a balloon popping one. Click on certain ones and pay one L for a prixe...other balloons throw crap at you. All these new things are $ 1 L a try. Also in court yard...a mini maze...look for the enter sign.....working on a fortune telling area theres already a table set up (And a box for $ 10 L with fortune telling balls and jewelery)... Look for the caged freak area...there's a collar set here and you can ancor yourself to the ball and be a chained freak :D..... And a Sword swallowing area...Oh! Almost forgot Set up a Dancing area....I love burlesque and the burlesque animations found on SL... I will be adding new things as the ideas pop into my come and explore <3

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