Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Bunny Time!

Back into the swing of things :D Starting to make some Spring/ Easter Goodies. YAy! I'm going to attempt to keep up on blog and use it a little more than I have. It's kinda a good format to express myself in a semi uncensored manner.
I recently changed my SL name to Big Ball McGee......Why? You may ask....Seriously I don't know lol. I wanted to try to change my name and used the first few words that popped into my mind. Oh well...for one week I'm Big Ball. Yay!
Don't forget to check out the two fund raisers for Japan going on now, Pacific coast fund raiser and FURJapan. Adding a few new product pictures to blog...all avalible in world in shop {Copy and Paste this surl : } Or on market place

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