Friday, October 14, 2011

Pictures Of new little shop :D

New shop started as a little home next to a rail road track and ended up being a shop!Everything in the shop is transferable, except the cottage buildings. Everything is under 150 L. I set out 4 5 L gachas in the center of the shop so people could by a drink or a treat and enjoy it there. Most items are made to share with your friends here. Anyhow, come stop by new shop sometime when your bored :D Items are on market place.

Made the shop a little bigger :D

I expanded the shop a little. It still won't be a big huge over sized shop like last time, just a little bigger :D Still at spini in the blocked view section of the road. I have been asked a lot lately about my old old items. I took them off market place and don,t have them displayed in world because I was tried of looking at them. (I guess that happens when you have been making things for three years :D). They are in the gacha boxes pictured here for 1 L a try. Or just ask me and I can send you a specific one. I haven,t been doing as many events as before but this month I am :D. Depraved Nation is having a Gacha Event and SKH and Zombie popcorn hunts will be making a stop in the shop :D I made a new shop! Called The Muffin Shack very cute items. Cupcakes pies..that sort of thing, Not as an ODB replacement...more of a side project. Actually it started as a house on the railroad tracks and ended up being a cute store lol. Blog is linked to this one so visit that blog and take a peek at the content. Come visit it in world too! Ok I babbled enough.Take Care!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I moved :D YAy!

I decided to downsize a wee bit....It's a good thing lol. It will allow me more creative freedom and time. I have moved my main shop to my nice little lot on spini. I love this's on SL Route 1. and up the hill is the railway. Great start point for exploring SL. Come and check it out. Most of my items are avalable on market place (Copy and paste that...enale adult content) Come visit me in world :D (Copy and paste the surl in world or look at my profile for location) Hugs :D Oh! Almost forgot...since space is an issue..I added Gacha machines in crates outside the shop...all the old attic items and a few inventory things are in there :D

Relay For Life :D

Yet another great second life fund raiser :D. I have a few vendors set up at this location (Copy and paste that :D) I think about ten vendors. Shop for a good cause....this also allowed me to set up a tent again I have been visiting it frequently lol.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Bunny Time!

Back into the swing of things :D Starting to make some Spring/ Easter Goodies. YAy! I'm going to attempt to keep up on blog and use it a little more than I have. It's kinda a good format to express myself in a semi uncensored manner.
I recently changed my SL name to Big Ball McGee......Why? You may ask....Seriously I don't know lol. I wanted to try to change my name and used the first few words that popped into my mind. Oh well...for one week I'm Big Ball. Yay!
Don't forget to check out the two fund raisers for Japan going on now, Pacific coast fund raiser and FURJapan. Adding a few new product pictures to blog...all avalible in world in shop {Copy and Paste this surl : } Or on market place

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Working on the grounds :D

I have been busy working on the shop grounds. I do like suprises of course so I like to add litte suprses here and there arond the yard :D I added a snack cart that gives out snacks....kinda...or deformers. Balloon Cart gives out tainted balloons. And I've started a game area, currently theres a balloon popping one. Click on certain ones and pay one L for a prixe...other balloons throw crap at you. All these new things are $ 1 L a try. Also in court yard...a mini maze...look for the enter sign.....working on a fortune telling area theres already a table set up (And a box for $ 10 L with fortune telling balls and jewelery)... Look for the caged freak area...there's a collar set here and you can ancor yourself to the ball and be a chained freak :D..... And a Sword swallowing area...Oh! Almost forgot Set up a Dancing area....I love burlesque and the burlesque animations found on SL... I will be adding new things as the ideas pop into my come and explore <3